Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 6, 2002


  • Mineral resources and the natural biota of the Earth
    K.N. Trubetskoi and Yu.P Galchenko

Environment Contamination

  • Physicochemical modeling of natural-water composition at uranium and vanadium deposit
    G.S. Borodulina and S.I. Mazukhina

Geoenvironmental Problems in Utilization and Disposal of Wastes

  • Simplified model of assessing safety of subsurface disposal of high-level waste and spent fuel in crystalline rock (the normal evolution scenario)
    P.V. Amosov

Geoenvironmental Problems of Urbanized Areas

  • The main principles of arrangement and development of geoenvironmental subsurface monitoring in St.Petersburg
    R.E. Dashko and L.P. Norova

Geoenvironmental Problems and Human Health

  • On the medical-biological indication of geopathogenic zones and environmental monitoring of urban areas
    V.D. Paponov, V.V. Paponov, and G.V. Baidakova

Natural and Human-Induced Processes

  • Hierarchy of structural and geodynamic parameters of the Earth's crust
    G.G. Kocharyan and A.A. Spivak

Engineering Geological Zoning

  • Engineering geological zones in the Earth's continents
    V.T. Trofimov

Research Methods and Techniques

  • On the correlation between oxidability and chemical composition of ground water (by the example of the northeastern Ukraine)
    V.V. Pedan

Brief Information

  • Formation of dispersion flows of chemical elements under the effect of anthropogenic-mineral bodies
    A.I. Semyachkov


  • Review of the book "Physical aspects of environmental geoscience"
    G.F. Ufimtsev
  • Authors' index to 2002