Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 1, 2004


  • Address to Readers
    V. I. Osipov
  • Environmental Problems in Russia
    V. I. Osipov

Proceedings of the Fifth Conference "Sergeevskie Chteniya"
(The Workshop of the Scientific Council RAS on Problems in Environmental Geoscience, Engineering Geology, and Hydrogeology, March 24-25, 2003)

  • Sustainable Development and Management of the Subsurface
    E. F. J. de Mulder
  • Storage of Industrial Toxic Wastes in France
  • Engineering Geological and Geoecological Aspects for Bridge Foundation Construction across the Bokakotor Bay
    S. Ivanovic and G. Nikolic
  • Loess Formations on the Earth
    V. P. Ananyev
  • Principal Geoenvironmental Problems in Kyrgyz Republic
    K. A. Kozhobaev
  • Hazardous Geodynamic Processes in the Orogenic Belt of Kazakhstan
    V. P. Bochkarev
  • About the Role of Abnormal Geoenvironmental Zones in Vertical Water-Exchange and Migration Processes
    V. M. Shestopalov, A. S. Boguslavskii, and V. N. Bublyas'
  • New Possibilities in Engineering Geology for the Geotechnical Business Development in Landslide Stabilization
    K. Anguelov
  • The Gorleben Salt Dome as the Potential Repository Site for Radioactive Waste in Germany - Main Results in Geological Prospecting
    O. Bornemann, G. Mingerzahn, J. Behlau, M. Schramm, and J. Hammer

Natural and Human-Induced Processes

  • About Accumulation of Disclocations in the Rock Massif upon Numerous Explosions at the Quarries
    S. B. Kishkina, V. I. Kulikov, and V. N. Rodionov

Education and Research Management

  • On teaching Engineering Geology and Environmental Geology
    V. M. Shestakov
  • Hydrogeomechanical Monitoring at the Damaged Site of St. Petersburg Underground Line
    Yu. A. Norvatov, I. B. Petrova, and V. V. Nazima

Book Review

  • Review of the Book "Exogenous Environmental Hazards"
    V. V. Baulin and V. N. Ostrovskii

People of Science

  • Evgenii Merkur'evich Pashkin (to the 70th Birthday)


  • Results of the International Conference "Variety of Soils and Rocks: Morphology, Causes, and Consequences"
    V. T. Trofimov and V. A. Korolev
  • Regional Meeting of Work Group of IGCP 448 International Project "Correlation between World Karst Ecosystems"
    Yu. B. Trzhtsinsky and E. A. Kozyreva


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