Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 1, 2006


  • Mitigation of Seismic Hazard by Human Impact
    A. V. Nikolaev and G. M. Vereshchagina

    Functioning of Natural and Natural Anthropogenic Systems

  • Typification of Geoenvironmental Changes in the Karatau Phosphorite Basin
    L. A. Kurkina
  • The Conditions of Formation and Operation of the Subsurface Heat Reactor Based on Radioactive Waste Utilization
    V. I. Gunin

Environment Contamination

  • Magnetic Properties of Sediments upon the Anthropogenic Contamination with Mining Wastes (The Salair Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise , Kemerovskaya Oblast)
    G. G. Matasova, A. Yu. Kazanskii, S. B. Bortnikova, and A. A. Ayriyants

Geoenvironmental Problems in Urbanized and Recreational Areas

  • Geoenvironmental Assessment Specifics in the Recreational Areas
    V. G. Zaikanov and Т . В . Minakova

Assessing Hazard and Risk of Natural and Human-Induced Processes

  • Modern Possibilities for the Prediction of the Vulnerability of Territories and Objects to Disastrous Mudflows
    Ts. E. Mirtskhulava

Soil and Rock Engineering

  • Assessment of Soil Resistance to Changing External Heat-Exchange Conditions
    A. I. Kulikov and M. A. Kulikov
  • The Role of Late Cenozoic Freezing in the Diagenesis of Seabed Deposits at the Barents-Kara Shelf
    S. A. Kozlov

Research Methods and Techniques

  • The Revealing of Ground-Water Inflow to Boreholes Using the Hydrogeochemical Logging
    I. N. Solodov

Book Review

  • On the History of Writing, Contents, and Value of The Monograph "Theoretical Fundamentals of Engineering Geology" (To the 20th Anniversary of The Four-volume Monograph Publication)
    V . T . Trofimov