Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 3, 2006


  • The ten-year anniversary of the Institute of Environmental Geosciences RAS
    V. I. Osipov

Functioning of Natural and Natural-Anthropogenic Systems

  • Paleoecological aspects of climatic change influence on the East-European Plain environment
    0. N. Trapeznikova

Environment Contamination

  • Radioactive contamination of the Tom' River biohydrocenosis in the zone influenced by nuclear-fuel cycle enterprises
    G. A. Leonova, A. V. Toropov, V. A. Bobrov, Yu. I. Malikov, M. S. Mel'gunov, and F. V. Sukhorukov

Utilization and Disposal of Waste

  • Engineering geological and geoenvironmental assessment of Lower Cambrian blue clay as an enclosing environment for radioactive waste disposal
    R. E. Dashko

Geoenvironmental Problems in Urbanized Areas

  • Cartographic modeling of emergency situations in the seaside regions
    O. E. Lyubimova and E. V. Krasnov

Soil and Rock Engineering

  • To the procedure of determining ion-exchange constants in clay minerals
    E. N. Fomicheva and E. N. Samarin

Research Methods and Techniques

  • Development and approval of the procedure of ecological support to the gas-main construction
    V. B. Leshchinskii, A. A. Mikheev, D. O. Sergeev, O. N. Sergeev, Yu. P. Startsev, and A. V. Yavelov

Book Review

  • The history of creation, the contents, and the importance of the fundamental multivolume work "Engineering geology of the USSR" (To the 30-th anniversary of the beginning of the 8-volume monograph publication)
    V. T. Trofimov

People of Science

  • Evgenii Viktorovich Pinneker (to the 80-th anniversary of birthday) 


  • About the sixth higher-school youth scientific conference "The school of ecological geology and rational use of the Earth's interior"
    V. T. Trofimov and V. V. Kurilenko
  • International Symposium on "Latest Natural Disasters - new challenges for engineering geology, geotechnics and civil protection"
    V. I. Osipov, O. N. Eremina, N. A. Rymyantseva
  • International conference on "Water Resources and Environmental Problems in Karst Areas" (Belgrade-Kotor, Serbia, and Montenegro, September 2005)
    V. V. Tolmachev and V. I. Martsinkyavichus