Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 4, 2006


  • Problems in safe storage of irradiated nuclear fuel: geological and geochemical aspects
    N. P. Laverov, V. I. Velichkin, B. I. Omel'yanenko, and S. V. Yudintsev

Functioning of Natural and Natural-Anthropogenic Systems

  • Changes in the permafrost zone upon the modern climate warming
    G. Z. Perl'shtein, A. V. Pavlov, and A. A. Buiskikh
  • Technogenic transformation of natural water composition in the Pur region of the Yamal-Nenez autonomous okrug
    Yu. K. Ivanov and V. A. Beshentsev
  • Hydrogeochemical characteristics of natural water in the southern part of the Chetlas Rock (the Middle Timan)
    A. B. Makeev and N. I. Bryanchaninova

Environment Contamination

  • Experience in the assessment of fill ground contamination in urban territories by the data of engineering geological survey
    S. K. Nikolaeva, M. A. Viktorova, and D. Yu. Trushina
  • The adsorption properties of rocks in the aeration zone and their role in the ground water protection from contamination (by the example of Ivan'ко vo reservoir)
    N. P. Akhmet' eva, E. E. Lapina, and V. V. Kudryashova

Utilization and Disposal of Waste

  • Environmental problems in the transboundary territories in the Central Asia
    N. G. Mavlyanova, Kh. L. Rakhmatullaev, and S. T. Turaeva

Assessment of Natural and Technonatural Hazard and Risk

  • Assessment of geoenvironment contamination hazard at the industrial sites of oil and gas complex
    O. V. Slinko

Geoecology and Human Health

  • Ecology and geological history of therapeutic mud formation in the Kumo-Manych depression lakes and the prospects in their use
    N. N. Abushinova, V. A. Lazareva, V. I. Bambeeva, G. E. Samonina, and V. K. Frolkov

Research Methods and Techniques

  • Assessment of reliability of climate- and human-induced trends in the groundwater regime
    V. S. Kovalevskii and S. M. Semenov

Brief Communications

  • The study of distribution of heavy metals in soils of the national park in Lithuania
    P. Baltrenas and A. Jankaite
  • Specifics in the distribution of total and mobile heavy metals in natural and anthropogenic landscapes in Sakhalin
    Т. М. Poberezhnaya

Book Review

  • The monograph "Groundwater geochemistry" as a fundamental research in the present-day hydrogeoecological problems
    V. P. Zverev
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