Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 5, 2006


Influence of tectonic and dynamic factors on radionuclide migration in crystalline rocks
V. A. Petrov, M. Lespinas, and J. Hammer

Functioning of Natural and Natural-Anthropogenic Systems

Masses and massflows of macrocomponents in the sedimentation water of the Caspian sedimentary basin
V. P. Zverev and I. A. Kostikova

Environment Contamination

Influence of natural and anthropogenic factors and processes on the methane concentration distribution in water and bed sediments of Lake Ladozhskoe
Yu. A. Fedorov, N. S. Tambieva, and D. N. Gar'kusha

Analysis of chemical composition of soils in the Dzhalinda River valley
O. A. Sorokina and V. I. Kiselev

Heavy metals as the indicators of atmospheric precipitation reasons in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (a geostatistical analysis)
Ум. G. Tyutyunnik, R. Tolosana-Del'gado, V. Pavlovski-Glan, and О. В. Blyum

Impact of flood situations on the water quality in subsurface sources of water supply
L. Krzhizh, Z. Vittlingerova, I. S. Pashkovskii, and D. Khaloupka

Utilization and Disposal of Waste

Managing the storage of solid domestic and industrial waste in the geological structures of Middle Urals
O. N. Grayznov, О. М. Guman, and I. A. Dolinina

Research Methods and Techniques

Experience in electric survey of conditions and percolation bed of ground dams
V. I. Dzhurik, S. P. Serebrennikov, and A. Yu. Eskin

Discussion of Normative Documents

Evolution of environmental substantiation of designing activity in Russia
A. Yu. Reteyum

Brief Communication

The residual strength of clays upon the repeated vibration impact
S.R.Meschayn and K.A.Taslagyan


The results of International scientific conference"Problems in engineering geodynamics and environmental geodynamics"
V. T. Trofimov and V. A. Korolev