Scope: Geoekologiya is a journal dealing with the basic and applied aspects of today’s most urgent issue—human-induced changes in the geoenvironment. Its principal objective is the effective solution of geoenvironmental problems involving conservation of the environment, development of its potential, and the improvement of human living conditions. The topics of the papers are:

  • environmental changes under the effect of anthropogenic factors;
  • contamination of ground and surface waters, soils, and rocks;
  • degradation of natural landscapes;
  • the theory and methods of monitoring and prediction of natural and human-induced hazardous processes;
  • geodynamic, seismic, and geoengineering regionalization of terrain;
  • stability of urban areas and industrial agglomerations;
  • utilization of industrial and domestic wastes;
  • planning and use of land and subsurface space;
  • the location and construction of facilities hazardous to the environment;
  • accident-proof functioning of natural and engineering systems (dams, nuclear power plants, irrigation systems, and major industrial facilities);
  • geoenvironmental problems of safe underground disposal of radioactive and other environmentally hazardous wastes;
  • geoenvironmental problems of development of mineral deposits;
  • recovery of mining wastes;
  • remediation of contaminated terrain;
  • support for an environmentally sound policy of utilization of mineral resources and managerial decisions for sustainable development;
  • geoenvironmental conditions and human health;
  • and the application of novel technologies to studying geoenvironmental problems. The papers written by scientists from Russia and other countries are intended for specialists in the natural sciences engaged in research, educational and operational organizations.

The distinguishing feature of the journal is a profound scientific analysis of a wide range of acute geoenvironmental problems and the search for efficient practical solutions for the environment preservation and sustainable development of society. The journal publishes papers written by the leading Russian and foreign scientists.