Lyceum of permafrost young researchers network in Russia (PYRN) is going to be international!

The unique meeting with famous permafrost researcher, who broke the Arctic thousands of miles, was held at the Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience,RussianAcademyof Sciences (IEG RAS) on 30 May, 2013.

Snowmobile trip fromAlaskatoAtlantic- establishment of the Permafrost/active layer monitoring Network

Speaker: Kenji Yoshikawa, permafrost researcher, a professor at theUniversityofAlaska. Organized and participated in expeditions to Greenland, Antarctica,AlaskaandCanadaby snowmobile, on mountains of the polar and tropical latitudes.

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Beginning on spring equinox to the end of April in 2013, the permafrost scientists attempted to drive snowmachines fromAlaskato the North Atlantic (Canada’sBaffin Island). While traveling a distance equal toMoscowtoVladivostokover land and sea ice. Along the way, stopping at village schools inCanada’s far north, they will drill holes in the ground and snake in strings of thermometers to record permafrost temperatures. Last six years, their snowmachine trips had covered lots of ground, traveling to mostAlaskavillages to expand the permafrost and active layer (frost tube) monitoring network. In this journey, they stop in village schools in an attempt to engage students in his permafrost measurements. Yoshikawa hopes they will use them for science projects and perhaps help him retrieve data. Mostly, he wants to connect with kids and leave them something useful.

The lecture was held in English with fragmented translation.