Chief: Galitskaya Irina Vasil'evna
Ph. D. (Geology and Mineralogy)

Tel.: (495) 607-82-84

Department of hydrogeoecology carries out a wide range of theoretical, practical, and methodical research in the area of natural (mainly ground) water protection from contamination. The work includes the study of resources, regime and formation of chemical composition of groundwater, the matter migration and mass transfer in water under natural and anthropogenically altered conditions, the development of fundamentals of the groundwater complex monitoring as affected by man.
The human-induced contamination of ground water with hydrocarbons and the prediction of its geoenvironmenal consequences receive much attention in the department.
The activity is performed according to the State Program of Basic Financing "Earth Science", the priority direction "Resources, dynamics, and protection of ground water", as well as the Federal Scientific Technical Programs "Global Changes of the Environment and Climate", "Volga River Revival", projects of the Russian Fund for Basic Research, etc.
The scope of research encompasses global, regional, and local levels of hydrosphere, the former including the Volga River basin and the Caspian Sea area, while the latter involves individual industrial centers of Russia (Moscow, above all).