Geocryology Laboratory

Head of Geocryology Laboratory: Dr. Dmitry O. Sergeev
Ph.D. (Geology)
Address: 101000, Russia, Moscow, Ulansky pereulok, 13, 2, P.O. Box 145
Tel: +7 (495) 624-96-22


  • Development of geoecological elements of environmental management in permafrost zones in conditions of climate change and industrial impact.
  • Theoretical studies of thermal exchange processes between atmosphere and the active layer of permafrost rocks.
  • Development of new methods and technics to ensure the stability of engineering structures at permafrost zones in conditions of global warming.
  • Development of theoretical basis for the use of non-conventional thermal resources and natural cold at permafrost zones.
  • Development of a structured approach using the statistical theory of strength to determine deformation and strength properties of frozen rocks in the arrays.
  • Development of rheological models of frozen soil using methods of composite materials mechanics.
  • Development and implementation of complex mathematical models of the geological environment, including thermal, filtration and mechanical components.
  • Realization of stationary geocryological observations at sites of permafrost zone.
  • Development of field study programs for university and specialized secondary school students in order to strengthen staffing and organizational framework of field and laboratory geocryological studies.
  • Organization of permanent interagency scientific workshop on geocryological problems.
  • Development of estimation procedure for geocryological hazards and risks.


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