Vyacheslav Georgievich Zaikanov
Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Tel.: (495) 607-78-73
E-mail: direct@geoenv. ru

Main research problem - the development of theory and methods of geoenvironmental assessment of urban areas on the basis of geosystem principle and social-economic criteria.

The studies are performed by the staff of experts in engineering geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and economic geography. The department participates in carrying out the State research program "Global Climate Changes", the International project "Assessment of Geoenvironmental Conditions of Urbanized Areas" (in cooperation with the Poland Academy of Science), as well as in compiling the State (National) Report on Land Conditions and Use in Russian Federation. At present, "Environmental Map of Moscow Area" (scale 1:350 000) is built, and the fundamentals of the procedure of "Complex Geoenvironmental Assessment of Areas" are developed and published. The suggested procedure was approved on test sites both in Moscow and the towns in the Moscow and Tver' areas. The results were put into practice by the municipal governing bodies of Moscow (the north-western district), Voskresensk, and Korolev. The performed complex geoenvironmental assessment of areas permit experts to make scientifically grounded managerial and project decisions on the allocation and reconstruction of objects as well as on the improvement of geoenvironmental conditions. Together with the Institute of the Main Problems of Mineral Resources and Energy (Poland Academy of Science), the department took part in the publication of multilanguage dictionary "Environmental Geoscience".