Chief - Aleksei Sergeevich Viktorov
Dr. Sci. (Geography)
State Prize-winner of Russian Federation
Tel.: (495) 624-72-57
E-mail: dist@geoenv. ru

The laboratory develops principles and methods of geoenvironmental monitoring on the basis of remote
sensing and surface data. A new research branch, i.e., the mathematical landscape morphology, is developed at the department.


  • Elaboration of the environment monitoring systems on the basis of remote sensing and GIS technologies;
  • Assessment of geoenvironment conditions (soils and rocks, groundwater, etc,) and compilation of geoenvironmental maps;
  • Building maps of geoenvironment dynamics and geohazards (waterlogging, landslides, karst, contamination, erosion, etc.);
  • GIS development;
  • Hydrogeological and engineering geological express mapping;
  • On-line estimation of emergencies consequences;
  • Seismic microzonation based on remote sensing methods.

The laboratory is equipped with the original software for the automatic interpretation of remote sensing data based on the widely applied textural analysis of images and remote sensing data interpretation for hidden landscape components.


  • Development of concept and project and the implementation of the system of production ecological monitoring along the route of Russia+Turkey gas pipeline (“The Blue Stream”).
  • Estimation of the current status of environment components along the route of Russia-Turkey gas pipeline proceeding from the remote sensing data.
  • The study of hazardous geological processes upon the construction of Lefortovo tunnel in Moscow.
  • Assessment of engineering geological conditions upon the construction of nuclear power plants.
  • Development of the remote sensing monitoring system at the Yamburg gas condensate deposit.
  • Development of geohazards monitoring system in the section
    “Production environmental monitoring” for the project of the North European gas pipeline construction (at the Gryazovets-Vyborg site).
  • The complex remote environmental monitoring at the Lomonosov diamond deposit.
  • Development of sections “Assessment of current status of geoenvironment” and “Production environmental monitoring of hazardous exogenous geological processes” for the project of the pipeline construction to Arkhangel’sk and Severodvinsk.
  • Development of the project and the informational system of environmental monitoring at the ore mining and processing enterprise of the Lomonosov diamond deposit.
  • Feasibility study revision for the construction of the main gas pipeline SRTO-Torzhok in the section of “Production environmental monitoring. Geoenvironment monitoring”.
  • Documentation development for the production environmental monitoring of geohazards at the gas pipeline Yamal-Europe route (at the Torzhol-Belostok site).
  • Development of design estimates for the project “Permanently operating monitoring system of groundwater and geological processes in Moscow”.

MAIN SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS of the laboratory include above all the development of the new scientific branch, i.e., the mathematical landscape morphology, aimed at building mathematical models of the environment on the basis of random processes.


  • Theory and methods of designing local geomonitoring systems;
  • Mathematical models of morphological structure of landscapes of various genetic types;
  • On the basis of the mathematical landscape morphology, the development of:
    – new methods of quantitative assessment of natural hazards and risks;
    – mathematical models of zoning areas by age;
    – new methods of forecast and analysis of geoenvironment dynamics;
  • Regularities of the forest-zone agricultural landscapes arrangement in space and time based on
    the remote sensing and GIS-technologies.

The researchers at the laboratory have published more than 120 works including the following monographs:

  • Viktorov, A.S. Mathematical Morphology of Landscapes. 1998.
  • Viktorov, A.S. Main Problems in the Mathematical Morphology of Landscapes. 2006.


  • The State Prize of Russia (1996 ) (А.S. Viktorov)
  • The Prize of Russian Federation Government (2000).
  • The National Ecological Prize (2004) (А.S. Viktorov).