Chief : Vasiliy Vsevolodovich Sevostianov
Cand. Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Tel: (495) 912-07-66; 911-03-83;

The Laboratory is mainly involved into solving scientific and applied problems in engineering geophysics and seismic microzoning (SMZ). Engineering geophysical research are aimed at the study of theoretical and methodical fundamentals of assessing soil and rock properties using geophysical methods, revealing the relationship between geophysical indices and engineering geological properties of deposits. In the field of seismic microzoning, the laboratory studies physical fundamentals of SMZ, improves methods and does seismic microzoning for different objects situated within complicated natural conditions.


  • Theoretical substantiation and experimental study of relationship between physicomechanical properties of deposits and their geophysical parameters.
  • Geophysical monitoring of physicomechanical and seismic characteristics of soils and rocks in urban territories.
  • Combined geophysical assessment of status and properties of soil and rock massifs up to 100 m depth for the purpose of high!rise and subsurface construction. Elaboration of 3D model of the geological environment.
  • Study of the hazardous geological processes under different natural conditions using geophysical methods (landslides, karst, tectonic faults, etc.)
  • Determination of the filtration properties of soils and rocks soil in boreholes using resistivity measurement.
  • Determination of corrosion activity of soil corrosiveness and circulating currents.
  • Instrumental measuring of human!induced vibration at urbanized territories.
  • Measuring of the gamma radiation background and radioactive emanations (radon, thoron) in soil air.
  • Assessment of the seismic hazard for main pipelines at different stages of design.
  • Assessment of seismic hazard for different underground buildings.
  • Complex researches in revealing of active tectonic faults and assessing of their hazard for engineering structures (structural geomorphological analysis, tectonic interpretation of remote sensing data, seismic and tectonic studies).
  • Development of the forecast and seismic monitoring of technological impacts induced to the geological environment (watering and desiccation of soils, permafrost degradation, fill ground arrangement, etc.)
  • Development of the complex programs of seismic hazzard stepwise reduction for urbanized territories in seismic regions.
  • Participation in development of code and methodical documents in the field of engineering geophysics and seismic microzoning.


  • Geophysical investigation of soils and rocks at the route of the Moscow Third Transport Ring with distinguishing the most hazardous karst areas and tectonic fault zones.
  • Complex geophysical and seismological studies at the construction site of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the highrise buildings at the International Business Centre Moscow – City), second stage of construction of International Trade Center. The works has been implemented under the order of Mosgorgeotrest, Mosingproject, NIIOSP, TSNIISK and other organizations.
  • Specifying of initial seismicity in Bolshie Sochy, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Groznyi, Korsakov, and other towns.
  • Development of seismic microzoning maps for the of towns of Korsakov, Groznyi, industrial sites near towns of Krymsk, Taman, Sochi (the construction site of Sochi heat station, boarding houses, hotels, etc.)
  • Determination of original seismicity (together with Institute of Earth Physics RAS) and seismic microzoning along the main pipelines in Siberia (Tayshet – Angarsk – Nakhodka), at Sakhalin island (“Sakhalin – I”), in Krasnodar and Stavropol regions (gas pipeline “Blue stream”, oil pipeline KTK).
  • Investigation of seismic conditions and development of engineering measures to reduce seismic hazard for manystored buildings in the town of Krasnodar.
  • The laboratory performed unique complex researches on assessment of seismic hazard of the 390-m-deep tunnel near the town of Novorossiysk.
  • The laboratory carried out complex geophysical works at construction and reconstruction sites of fuel and energetic complex (
    Leningradskaya NPP, Sochy heat station, Cherepetsk heat station, Shchekinskaya heat station, etc.)
  • The laboratory compiled the maps of seismic hazard for the towns of Mahachkala , Derbent, Dolinsk, some areas of Sochi.
    Laboratory specialists do expertise of projects, code and methodical documents dealt with assessment of seismic hazard and engineering geophysical works. They deliver lectures in engineering seismology at scientific and practical seminars at the Moscow State University.