Laboratory of induced seismicity

Chief: Zhigalin Aleksandr Dmitrievich
Ph. D. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Tel. (495) 912-36-18

The Center carries out investigations in the following fields:

  • Development of theory and methods of natural and human-induced seismic disasters monitoring.
  • Investigation of influence of natural and technogeneous physical fields on geological environment and living organisms
  • Geoenvironmental problems of technogeneous physical (power) contamination on the territory of Moscow and other Megacities. 

The Center was organized on the basis of Scientific and Coordination Center on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering. The latter was reorganized in 1996 and joined the Institute of Environmental Geoscience (IEG RAS). In its turn the Scientific and Coordination Center on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering was created as a result of reorganization of Joint Council on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering under the USSR Academy of Sciences' Presidium.

Besides the fundamental scientific investitations in the field of seismology, the Center carries out applied rsearches on seismic hazard assessment of NPP construction sites, takes part in organization of the System of Seismological Observations and Earthquake Prediction within the framework of Special Federal Program of Russian Federation, as well as the Center is the leading body which is responsible for scientific researches' and pilot design sections of the Program.
The Russian Expert Council on Earthquake Prediction and Seismic Hazard Assessment and the Joint Committeee on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering operate on the the basis of the Center.