Laboratory of Hydrogeological Forecasting and Modeling

A research group of specialists in hydrogeology from Saint-Petersburg was involved in studying problems of Environmental Hydrogeology in the beginning of the seventies. Since that time the noticeable contributions for developing the fundamental basis of the environmental hydrogeology, for assessing field tests and observations methods as well as for studying numerous contaminated sites across the country (the former USSR) have been made by this group. These basic results stimulated both the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and the Ministry for Higher and Professional Education to establish the St. Petersburg Division of the RAS Institute of Environmental Geology and the Research Center of Environmental Hydrogeology (on the base of St. Petersburg State University) - under their joint auspices (further it is named as EHC - Environmental Hydrogeology Center).

The EHC is involved in three basic research activities:

1) development of the theoretical approaches for studying and forecasting subsurface contaminants transport;
2) development of field methods and techniques for experimental assessment of parameters controlling groundwater flow and contamination processes;
3) application of the developed models and techniques for analyzing groundwater pollution cases and designing groundwater protection measures.